Yes, you’re invited! Petaluma Community Guild Holiday Hootenanny, Seed Bank, Mon. Dec. 16th, 6:30pm

from Petaluma Community Guild Lecturer, Connie Madden, at

Petaluma Community Guild hosts its first ever Holiday Hootenanny at the Petaluma Seed Bank, NEXT Mon., Dec. 16th, 6:30pm; you’re invited – and I’d appreciate an RSVP to [email protected] to count the heads of you plus another you might bring. Petaluma Community Guild has met in the Seed Bank a couple of yrs. now, boosting GMO labeling, Move to Amend’s effort to recind Citizens United ruling that Corporations are People (No; We the People!). We’re FOR good health and good cheer; resilience in tough times and good times.

GOOD NEWS: Our POTLUCK SING-ALONG features the fine cowboy disco band, WHISKEY & CIRCUMSTANCE, also holding a CD Release Party at Sebastopol Grange 12/13 (public invited, too!). Evan Wiig, who oversees Young Farmers Guild chapters in Sonoma and Sebastopol, also plays a sweet guitar and keyboard with Whiskey!

What fun…and the food from our farms is, well, delectable! Hope to receive your RSVP – and see you NEXT Mon. night. Great. For more about Petaluma Community Guild, view our Facebook page and find the CA State AG program story at our site,

Hmmm…can almost taste Suchernova Farm’s potluck offering, a Chinese five spice slow cooked pork roast with a seasonal salsa verde to garnish! A nice warming dish for this cold weather from Suchernova, Cotati, which practices biodynamic farming. Wondering what raw and vegan food will come from Lydia’s? And what will I prepare? Doing my recent fav, butternut squash casserole w. kale, cheese, a few apples and walnuts. All set for the oven a week early! So looking forward to this – growing the Granges. Petaluma Community Guild farms participating include Progressive Pastures, Tara Firma Farms, Oasis Community Farm, SonRisa Family Farm, as well as Suchernova.

Petaluma Community Guild: “fostering a sustainable community by advocating for local farmers and the creation of equitable, resilient local agricultural and food systems. We will embrace the area’s diverse cultural heritage, promote reinvestment in our local economy, welcome the wisdom of our elders and support each other in our efforts to be responsible stewards of the land for the benefit of future generations.” Quite a bit to take on – and we’re doing it.


Yes, you’re invited! Petaluma Grange Holiday Hootenanny, Seed Bank, Mon. Dec. 16th, 6:30pm

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