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This post beautifully resonates with me in this journey back to our ancestral home of Tanzania to visit the Hadza.
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The traditional African belief, human beings are made up of various aspects – physical, spiritual, moral, and social.

When these aspects function together harmoniously, a person will be in good health. On the other hand, if any of these features fall out of balance, a person will become ill.

Illness is not viewed as just a physical disorder, but could also be a spiritual, moral, or social disorder. Similarly, the treatment of illness involves not only aiding his/her physical being, but may also involve the spiritual, moral, and social components of being as well.

Today women don’t take the time to nurture their inner world. As a result, our lives can lack deeper meaning and we can feel empty.

Many of us recognise this separation from soul as a serious problem, and want to do something about it. Unfortunately, few know how to do this.

Long-standing indigenous African traditions can show us how to live in balance with nature and maintain relationships with our ancestors, who can offer guidance. By teaching us the importance of ritual, African healing tradition can help us reconnect with our souls.

In the indigenous African worldview, no real separation exists between the spirit world and the realm of matter. Wherever matter occurs, Spirit can be found, and vice versa. Africans don’t view spirituality as a part of life. To them, all life is spiritual. All aspects of reality (both the seen and unseen world) work together.

The importance of ritual in indigenous African tradition cannot be overstated. Ritual serves as a gateway to the land of ancestors and to the realm of Spirit. It evokes sacredness and intentionality. From birth until death, some ritual marks every milestone in a person’s life. Rituals anchor the individual to the community and give structure and meaning to life.
Almost anything can become a ritual, as long as you set an intention for general well-being and positive energy.

Ritual is the gateway to physical, spiritual, moral, and social harmony within a body.

Bring back the ritual.

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In this morning’s meditation I asked for guidance for sharing this invitation with you. The guidance was to remind the Rainbow Hive (that’s you!) that the invitation to this work is always from the Earth, to be renewed in this time so we can continue our good work of elevating the planet towards a more resilient future.

We are born of this Earth and return to it again and again in so many ways as our molecules unite, dance and cycle through creations over and over. As I shared yesterday, I was given an opportunity to return to Tanzania, the seat of human birth and evolution to learn from our oldest living ancestors — the Hadza — the ways of resilience and joy (central themes in the book I’m currently writing).

Despite living through unimaginable experiences growing up, my gift and my medicine is the ability to see the Rainbow Light we all share and transmute and alchemically transform the pain — of our experiences, the destruction of the habitats of our animal guides, and the inhumanity of living in this time — into a protective medicine for living with courage to continue the good work in the world.

If you’ve been struggling to show up consistently and at your best in the good work you are doing for the Earth, I get it. There’s so much chaos, opinion and distraction that is meant to keep you from hearing your truth and applying your medicine for the Greater Purpose of Being. If you’re tired of being tired and ready to take the leap, I’m here, holding open a door for you. It’s your time to rise and shine, waking up happy again, grateful for this time to be alive. Let’s do this together.

The Rainbow Light of Renewal is your daily retreat, your foundation for building an extraordinary life of service to the world.

Through over 30 years of studying elevated states of consciousness, studied directly with titans of the field like Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler, Dr. Stan Grof, Joanna Macy, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Eric Edmeades, Neeta Bushan, Peter Russell, Sukhdev Jackson, Kyle Cease, Lisa Nichols and more working through limiting beliefs and addictive behaviors, and mentoring leaders with heart… (continue via

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There was a time when I stopped managing my life. The depression was in control. I called it my “dark passenger.” That was probably too polite.

I neglected so much. Some of it has returned to give me a second chance — a do-over. Fortunately I’m ready to tap into the transformations I’ve made to resolve them.

And I know that what I’ve learned from all of it will help someone else in the service of soul alchemy for the way forward.

When I am facing a difficult moment now I lead myself with a simple process, I breathe into my heart, into the Silence of Source and ask “Who do I need to become?” And then I see into my future me.

It would be great if I could just say I’m different now and everything would just be fine. But my consequences were made for me, postponed until I became the person that could step up.

Your future You needs you. So take a deep breath into your heart and ask yourself: Who you need to become now, so when the time comes you’re ready to step up?
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What is your “Deep Why” for making the shift towards wellbeing? What my clients tell me is so purposeful in what their heart desires for their future.

Share your DEEP WHY in the comments below…

My “Deep Why” is so I show up brighter than ever to bring transformative daily rituals of renewal to light warriors making a difference in the world.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” —Alice Walker (and June Jordan)

It’s you time to rise and shine. Wake up happy (and never diet again.) Join the 90-Day program made WILDLY POPULAR by Mindvalley (at 70% OFF). Eat like your ancestors. Get WildFit.
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Amazing how a plant will sit dormant for months, and then “Pop” it comes to life with the warm, loving rays of the sun. ☀️

I’m so grateful and in awe of how life unfolds, completely in its own time, effortless in Flow. All we have to do is trust and be open to receive. 💕✨

And even then, we don’t have to “do” anything. 💯
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FAITH is the “eternal elixir” which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought! — Napoleon Hill
(Think and Grow Rich)

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