“After Rest Comes Flow.” — Ixchel Lunar ✨🔥✨

After Rest Comes Flow

 “After Rest Comes Flow.”  — Ixchel Lunar ✨🔥✨  Performative professionalism is the thing that’s gotten in my way all my life. The perfection and impeccability that I was taught was a white supremacy coping mechanism that is taught by well meaning BIPOC parents and teachers. (h/t to @gieselleallen and @kellydiels for the insights and questions […]

2020-02-14 05:33:32

Even when you feel like just a sliver of yourself…
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2020-01-08 05:06:07

What does your heart want?
The world is tilting in contraction. Will you contract in this time? Will you revert to your place of comfort, the small-self addicted to cycles of fear?
Or will you open your heart and let Love in as your Guide during this tumultuous time?
When my heart cuts off and my mind begins to slip into rinse and repeat of old, fear-based patterns, patterns of resistance, I turn to gentle Cacao medicine for healing.
From a scientific and neuroscience perspective, Cacao is a vasodilator, containing theobromine and good brain supporting fats to gently open your heart and shift your perspective.
Decolonize chocolate.
What is Ceremonial-grade Cacao? It’s hand-crafted, fermented 100% chocolate, nothing added or taken away. Naturally sugar-free, with all the essential medicinal ingredients grown in harmony. Crafted for looking within.
I’ve created a simple, yet powerful guide to working with Cacao medicine in meditation and in group ceremony. It also includes how and where to source indigenous-grown, regenerative ceremonial-grade Cacao. You can learn more at ixchel.love/cacao
Stay open and Love, fiercely. 💗
xo @ixchel.love 👈🏼
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2019-12-20 06:22:02

These are my #coredesiredfeelings for the next few months. I just started a new sadhana Meditation to focus on them.
This is a self-leadership practice that I’ve been doing for a few years. It has manifested my core desired every time.
I realized others may want to try this. If you would like a customized Meditation set geared towards cultivating your #cdfs (based on @desiremap by @daniellelaporte and #kundaliniyoga), send me a DM. Includes full sadhana, instruction, private 1:1 Voxer support and 3 coaching sessions. Only a few spots left…
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2019-11-19 09:41:58

Somewhere about the age of 2, I remember sitting on the front grass with my mom in front of our duplex Cumberland Road. It was a sunny day. I had my toes in the grass.

I noticed a different plant growing in the grass and touched it. It was prickly. I tried pulling it, but it was steadfast in the ground. My mom helped me dig it out. What came out astonished me. A bright red-purple ball with a tail.

Of course, like any toddler would, I examined it… in my mouth. What came next was a taste I will never forget.

I don’t particularly like #radishes, but I do eat them occasionally for the bitter variety. That memory remains strong as a moment when it was just me and my mom.

As I recently shared, salt can have some pretty catastrophic impacts on the brain. Tau is an essential protein for helping form axonal neurotubules. Too much dietary salt leads to neurodegenerative effects from a build up of tau plaques. Increasing nitric oxide may reverse this.

When we add taste variety, we help shake things up, even build new networks, and strengthen #neuroplasticity.

We’ll be increasing our #nitricoxide through a breath work practice in the upcoming #meditationchallenge. But a big reason it’s a radical #self-love practice is because of how we will use mantra to shut down our inner critic.

Research shows we need 3 times as many positive statements to counteract our negative inner critic. @kotler.steven in his whirlwind flow trip audio book, — Mapping Cloud Nine: Neuroscience, Flow, and the Upper Possibility Space of Human Experience— suggests 10 is better and to really feel into those 10 (like in a solid daily #gratitude practice). These kinds of practices are based in neuro-technological sciences developed by yogis and gurus like Guru #Nanak Dev Ji, celebrating 550 years this month. His monumental work is the Japji Sahib, a sacred chant of Sikhis said to instill illumination.

In #meditation using #mantra (repetitive statements, chanting) and mudras (a special hand posture) we can create transient hypofrontality (temporarily slowing down our prefrontal cortex). Quieting the inner critic sets us up for great #flowstate hygiene rituals. Join us! www.ixchel.love

2019-08-20 07:16:50

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal.
We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to Love, to share. This is a precious moment.
It is a little parenthesis in eternity”
~ Paulo Coelho
There is so much beauty in the Universe if we just get past our small self to pierce the veil and see it with our inner eyes. I’m so grateful to be alive in this time. Such Divine Grace surrounds us. Wahe Guru!
Galaxy SMM J2135-0102
10 Billion Light Years From Earth ———————————————
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2019-08-14 08:29:12

Are you craving a steady daily routine? Feel like you’re slipping in vitality? Forget to put your own oxygen mask on first? Being in the Zone, Flow, what’s that?

Cultivate Flow with a Certified WILDFIT® Flow Coach to lead your dream life with radiance.
Uplevel WILDFIT® — the Wellness Program made Wildly Successful by Mindvalley — with Flow Leadership Mentoring from Ixchel.
Because your Soul’s got plans. Big things ahead. Becoming your best self is what the planet needs from Changemakers like you.
. . .
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2019-07-12 09:16:47

We weave miracles everyday. To someone from 100 years ago seeing our lives today, they would think we are bewitching.

On the mastermind call with Kyle Cease @evolvingoutloud this week, he talked about how we create amazing things and then are flabbergasted that it happened.

Memory and perception are funny things. On the one hand, I occasionally read my resumé to remind myself of the magic I’ve created in my life. I forget the privilege I’ve received and the hardships I’ve endured. Such is living with a forgiving heart.

And then I go and create events with the Universe (drop into a flow really) and am bewildered that the right place at the right time is happening. But we are nothing less than the Divine creating a self-sensory system, Starstuff wrapped in skin. We co-create miracles with the Universe when we drop into our destiny and our small selves (limited perceptions) get out of the way. Sorry to go so transient hypofrontality on you.

How is it we both forget we are magic while being magical and get in our own way by disbelieving in the magnificent possibilities that surround us? I will continue to just surrender to this life, walking in beauty, living in magic, as common as the day is long. .
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Those eyes of yours could swallow stars, galaxies and universes. What hope did I ever have? @storydj
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2019-05-23 16:09:37

This memory from 7/10/2016 came at me this morning. This sunset in Bear Valley, Pt. Reyes after an incredible prep hike for our Half Dome backpacking trip later that August.

Something about the grass and the stillness. The beauty of that valley and the warmth of the setting sun on the Marin County hills. The way you know an old friend. How you can be a world a way going through an internal nightmare and then find yourself chatting, picking up where you left off. And two hours goes by in an instant.

My friend is calling. She wants to go for a walk. A vision quest. Slip between time and chat.
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2018-06-24 17:26:49

Is there any better way to relax than having a yoga session with a view? 💕

Rhythm and Flow Retreat Sneak peek of the morning yoga view. October 8-12, 2018, #Tikal #Guatemala *
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