Compost in the North Bay: A Public Forum & Solution Showcase

Petaluma Grange Compost Forum - April 27 at the Petaluma Museum

Hey North Bay — got compost? Join the Petaluma Grange and soil leaders from around the region for a soil soiree; April 27 in Downtown Petaluma

With the closure of Sonoma Compost in October 2015, farmers and backyard gardeners alike have been left to wonder where they’ll continue to get an adequate supply of compost.

It’s a valid question and the reality is, while there are still a number of quality vendors selling compost around Sonoma and Marin Counties, the amount of supply they’re generating is not enough to keep up with the growing demand of our farms and backyard growers.

Our Petaluma Grange is hosting public forum on April 27 at the Petaluma Historical Museum — an open discussion about the state organics and compost in the North Bay, and an in-depth workshop of roll-your-own compost solutions.

Learn more and register at

Whether you’re growing at the farm scale or the backyard scale, if you’re concerned about availability of compost, this event is for you. Highlights include:

  • Discussion about the state of organics in Sonoma and Marin Counties and implications for the farm and backyard
  • Overview of composting and carbon farming
  • An in-depth look DIY composting solutions including vermicomposting, no-till, and more
  • A vendor gallery featuring several of the North Bay’s soil and compost suppliers
  • Information about upcoming compost workshops and other educational opportunities in the North Bay
  • Networking opportunities with fellow farmers, growers, and soil enthusiasts

Our panelists include:

Petaluma Grange Compost Forum Speakers

Forum Agenda

5:30pm – 6:30pm — Check-In, Networking, and visit our Vendor Gallery

6:30pm – 8:00pm — Main Program, Q&A, and shout-outs to upcoming compost workshops and educational programs

8:00pm — Closing

Registration is required, and tickets are available for $5 each. If you are a soils vendor interested in exhibiting at the forum, a limited number of vendor tables are available for $20 each — first come, first served.

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