December 16, 2020 at 02:20PMWhen I’m untethered… I will return home to the Galactic Center. I will merge back into the molecular stream. Becoming resources. ✨💫✨ When I’m untethered… I will lay down on the Earth, let everything become still, and Ophelia come and take my hand, guide me to the river. Let the water wash away the pain, the weight of the struggle will take me deep. ✨💫✨ When I’m untethered… My body will become food for the winged ones so they can carry my spirit back to the center. Let my blood soak into the soil. Let my body return to source, resourced. ✨💫✨ When I’m untethered… I’ll become the roots of the orchids. I’ll become the mycelium pushing up higher consciousness. I’ll become calcium for new corals. Eyelashes of new baby perezosos. Footpads for stealthy Jaguar, walking silently through the jungle. ✨💫✨ When I’m untethered… I will catch the wind and become the scent of the rose, the hum of the bumblebee, the tremor of an earthquake. But today we live from the possibility of merging with it all. ✨🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓🌒🌑✨ Ixchel (ee-shell) here, a business + leadership strategist creating space for JEDIs to craft their daily rituals for Decolonizing Time so they can do epic shit in Flow. *JEDIs are Justice-centering, Emerging, Decolonizing, and Interconnecting for a post-hegemonic colonial patriarchal (h/t to @casey.jourdan for that brilliant linking) global network of planet-centered businesses, politics, and NGOs/non-profits. [image description] a purple, partially-transparent circle with a beige set of moon phases at the top in front of a purple and pink starry Milky Way background. inside of the circle in white letters, When I’m untethered…. Instagram username Ixchel dot Love

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