2020-06-04 10:58:39

If you’re looking to me for guidance I suggest you look elsewhere. Do your internal work to #decolonize. I’m signal boosting important work in my stories and listening and reading (@resmaamenakem My Grandmother’s Hands). Getting the downloads and giving resources and insights where I can.
Meanwhile where I am in Central America, our brown and Afro-Caribbean, indigenous siblings are dying at unspeakable rates from Covid and not being counted. I’m getting reusable masks made for the neighborhood. We’ve got to stop the spread so these folx can live to see 2021 and beyond.

Midwifery is really close to my heart. Roots in Minneapolis needs help. Venmo or PayPal their fiscal sponsor, @ProjectMotherPath, with a note it’s for Roots. Will post deets in comments. Click their bio link for PayPal or Venmo @projectmotherpath #blackmothersmatter
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2020-04-30 11:13:40

Today is 13 Kej in the Kiche Mayan Calendar. It’s also a Kej year.
Kej is connected to the four directions. It is a day of the shamans and priestesses. And it is a 13 day, so the veil between worlds is thin. Today is the day to seek insights from the Spirit world. Powerful indeed.
As the nawal of the majestic stag and cacao medicine, today is a day for making an offering with cacao, standing in your center and surveying your dominion. Seek guidance of the four directions and your ancestors and you will receive insights.
A delicious offering recipe, Cacao Pudding
In a mixing bowl blend with a hand blender:
2 large avocados, pit and seed removed
1/2 cup cacao powder (sugar free, not cocoa powder but will suffice if that’s all you have)
stevia to taste
1 drop copaiba oil (contains BCP cannabinoids, not psychoactive, neuro-protective, imparts wisdom, calms the nervous system)
1 drop cardamom oil (not for pregnant or nursing moms, vasodilator, warming)
1 drop cinnamon bark oil (vasodilator, enhances cacao)
1/4 teaspoon salt to taste

Chill for 1 hour ⏳

Set an offering at your altar. Light a candle. Say a prayer and ask for blessing to work with Cacao medicine. Spend time in meditation. For more exploration, download my cacao ceremonial guide (link in bio)🕯

Photos via @unsplash pudding by Klara Avsenik, altar by Luz Mendoza, cacao pod by Ly Le Minh
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Stephen Harrod Buhner

I recently came across reference to this paper by Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of The Secret Teachings of Plants, in my Evolutionary Herbalism class. I had been wondering what he would know and which plant recommendations he would have in regards to CoVid-19. It seems important to share. I’ve learned about some of these plants […]

2020-03-16 09:56:53

Here’s a few things I’m grateful for.
• My health
• My family (+ Pets)
• My friends
• Moon in Capricorn
• Fresh air to breathe
• Clean(ish) water
• Enough healthy food
• Mi Casa
• Safety/security
• Access to internet
• Freedom of speech (when I’m in the US)
• Holidays
• Technology
• My cell phone
• My computer
• Electricity
• Eyesight
• Hearing
• Nurses
• Music and Dancing
• Movies
• Books
• Free time
• Freedom of choice (when I’m in the US)
• Love

Leave me a comment with some of yours… xoxo
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2020-03-15 14:10:12

Wear That Beautiful Smile! 😁
It may seem overrated but smiling can make the difference between a whole day of being happy or feeling really heavy and deep inside.

Try to smile and you’ll notice a lot of difference. Smiling too is viral (minus all the pain and agony though) as it is contagious to almost everyone around you and almost nobody is immune to it. Try it out!
If you really want to improve your overall happiness and boost your immune system, focus each day on connecting with your support system and spreading positive emotions into the world.
When you give love, you are more likely to get love. And when you share your positive feelings, you help others to share theirs, too.
Do one thing every day that shows someone in your life that you love, value, or appreciate them.
Here are just a few habits that just take a few minutes: ✅ Call someone you love to say hello and see how they are
✅ Hug someone
✅ Hold hands with someone
✅ Give someone a smile or a pat on the back
✅ Tell others how proud you are of someone you love
✅ Do a favor for a friend or loved one
✅ Show a complete stranger kindness and support
Have fun, be happy and don’t forget that smile! Help a friend smile by tagging them in the comments, and post a photo of your silly smile.
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2020-03-11 16:36:27

Repost @theevapeterson
f e e l i n g s

Gah! .
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2020-03-04 12:16:19

I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me, too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you.
— Frida Kahlo
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2020-03-02 13:22:06

Be a rebel…
#decolonizeyourmind #selfcarerevolution
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2020-03-02 07:28:04

Me, 1990, natural hair color, with a perm curl that felt like a lion’s mane. Going through a divorce, I was just 18. Living in rural Sonoma County, dairy cow country, I had just read Diet for a New America by my friend Ocean’s dad, John Robbins.
Growing up vegetarian, the book pushed me to go further, I went vegan. Little did I know then that the milk protein casein was also contributing to my physical challenges.
By the time I took this photo I was only 90 lbs (significantly underweight). I was still breastfeeding my second baby in a year, but my thyroid was on tilt from a few years of extreme stress. I was going hard for wheat, sadly, I would be undiagnosed celiac for another twenty years.
I look back at old photos and marvel at what this body has endured. I am so grateful for the resilience of my ancestors. It literally takes my breath away what they have survived for me to be here.
A decade later I was still struggling with my weight. But by then I nearly doubled in size to 170lbs. I was so desperate I allowed my endocrinologist to convince me to radiate my thyroid. I had not yet learned to trust my intuition around eating. Still eating foods that were toxic for me because I was trying to fit into an ethical framework around eating.
Three years ago when I learned to let go of the judgement of what I put in my mouth — when I based it on how my body felt after I ate, a behavioral psychology foundation of WildFit — I was able to let go of the food addictions and find my balance, effortlessly.
No more yo-yo. No more starving. No more obsessing with a scale. My ancestors are guiding me and my intuition. I’m right where I need to be.
How do you feel about your menus? Are they feeding your emotions, but leaving you hungry, or crappy?
Do you know what foods your ancestors ate traditionally, in seasons?
Check out my 28-Day Self Care Revolution on YouTube (link in bio). .
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