A Birth Story…
As a light-skinned mixed Indigenous queer, I am at home with having my feet in multiple realms and times. Belonging nowhere, betwixt and between.

As a messenger for the voiceless (plants, pollinators, planets), I Dream in the Wild.

A friend of the Dead, the Woo and the Dispossessed.

I am most comfortable speaking in poem, or song. If you aren’t listening carefully, you might think I’m tilting at windmills.

When I can’t decipher the code, you’ll find me in the Stacks searching, reading, connecting the dots — watching patterns emerge, take shape, and flit off yonder.

My cycle of fluid brilliance waxes and wanes with Luna. My mind is soft and permeable, dissolves and forms again.

Time moves swiftly and slowly, now is then.

This work is uncomfortable. Like swimming in the depths of dark waters that squeeze the oxygen from every last cell in your lungs, you already know the piercing pain of “I can’t breathe.” “Water is Life.” “Me too.”

At the edge of darkness we will light a sacred fire to dance with our discontent, and let the flickering shadows be our guide towards the dawning light. Flow like water from your ancestors.

My origin story rewrites itself on the inhale and exhale of sorrows and joys. Do you know your birth story? This time? Last time? The first birth witnessing the exhale of one universe into this one, like a fire-breathing dragon blowing us a kiss?

If you are ready to do this alchemical work, do you know what the acorn holds? The acorn holds a forest continuum, no single tree is mighty. The forest is mighty together, entangled together whispering through the roots and veins in the soil.


I’m a ✨Decolonial Time Witch ✨ I founded the Initiated Leaders Fellowship to help Edgewalkers decolonize and reclaim your time, skip the burnout + do epic shit in Flow states so you can thrive on a transitioning planet.

Let’s dismantle the systems of brutal productivity together.

This isn’t proscriptive coaching. You’re not learning what worked for me. Cultivate your daily rituals around how Flow works for you, your cycles, your biology. Ready to fly? DM to apply.

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