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Photo Caption: Today is 13 Kej in the Kiche Mayan Calendar. It’s also a Kej year.
Kej is connected to the four directions. It is a day of the shamans and priestesses. And it is a 13 day, so the veil between worlds is thin. Today is the day to seek insights from the Spirit world. Powerful indeed.
As the nawal of the majestic stag and cacao medicine, today is a day for making an offering with cacao, standing in your center and surveying your dominion. Seek guidance of the four directions and your ancestors and you will receive insights.
A delicious offering recipe, Cacao Pudding
In a mixing bowl blend with a hand blender:
2 large avocados, pit and seed removed
1/2 cup cacao powder (sugar free, not cocoa powder but will suffice if that’s all you have)
stevia to taste
1 drop copaiba oil (contains BCP cannabinoids, not psychoactive, neuro-protective, imparts wisdom, calms the nervous system)
1 drop cardamom oil (not for pregnant or nursing moms, vasodilator, warming)
1 drop cinnamon bark oil (vasodilator, enhances cacao)
1/4 teaspoon salt to taste

Chill for 1 hour ⏳

Set an offering at your altar. Light a candle. Say a prayer and ask for blessing to work with Cacao medicine. Spend time in meditation. For more exploration, download my cacao ceremonial guide (link in bio)🕯

Photos via @unsplash pudding by Klara Avsenik, altar by Luz Mendoza, cacao pod by Ly Le Minh
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