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Photo Caption: A little secret about a big thing… I’ve been having an affair. No more hiding. How do you hide something as massive as a giant, buoyant star-like planet?

I fell in love when I witnessed the comet become lured in and absorbed by Jupiter. I was training Astronomy students on telescopes to track and photograph sky objects 25 years ago. Little did I know I was being tracked by Jupiter.

Jupiter and I have a thing. A great cosmic dance that lights me up. It’s not enough to say Jupiter conjuncts my Sun and Mercury, centered between them in joyously sweaty, conga line.

Nor would it be enough to say that Jupiter trines my Rising. That doesn’t convey how refined and lavish my love of glorious sparkling Beauty is. How my taste can be drawn to the most exquisite and luxurious of creations.

When someone is in their prime, highest self, I feel so expansive in their light. When there is play and laughter, I want to bask in it and radiate that blissful smile.

When others fall from Grace or are overwhelmed in misery, I can see into all the immense possibilities of what can be. This Jupiter loves me when I blow kisses of fortune on them.

When I forget my egoic self, that’s when the surprises appear. Astonishing brightness into my life, like the way honey explodes in a rainbow of flower light in your mouth.
Oh! Jupiter! How I love you. Don’t let this dance end. Twirling, spinning, you wondrous Being! Humbled from rapture am I to receive your Divine, luminous presence. What a gift you are!
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Music by @iksonofficial – “Views”

Created using still images taken by the Cassini spacecraft flyby of Jupiter. Shown is Io and Europa over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill
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