2018-11-19 07:55:37

2018-11-19 07:55:37

Caption: More than ever I am convinced that people waking up, getting healing, giving back is what is needed. What the world wants is to be healed through people being healed so they can do good work (because people is how we got in this mess). Bring your Light.

For my part I’m checking places where I’ve had blinders. I’m continuing to #dothework around decolonization of self, uncovering more of my own racism as a light-skinned indigenous Latinx, looking at my embodied rage and fierce love of humans, family, how I’ve felt about who I am and what is guiding me. I will write more as I process it.

I had originally posted the first paragraph on healing with a Marianne Williamson quote that was created weeks ago. I hired a Panamanian gal to create inspirational quotes for my feed. Mostly lightworkers of all colors. But I’m really questioning some of the WW and their own blinders, as well as the methods I use to help people heal.

I removed the MA quote because after learning about some problems with her, I’m definitely not interested in promoting her at the moment.

I encourage you to check out my saved story highlight on doing the work as I go through @rachel.cargle’s series and consider doing the challenge and supporting more BIPOC like her.

I love this photo because it reminds me of the message I received as a young girl about how no matter the color of our skin, we all reflect rainbows of light if you look closely.

There is so much pain in the world being inflicted on BIPOC and Pachamama. I know my calling is to help us all shine our luminous rainbow selves in service to her.

Again, what is your unique part in healing?

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Beautiful shades of human.
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Photo taken at: Nicaragua

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