2018-11-15 18:32:51

sacred plant medicine integration

2018-11-15 18:32:51

Caption: Repost from Kyle Cease @evolvingoutloud 2012
This one wont be funny. I will write one right after this that is funny. This is important. Some of you will have no clue what I am talking about and want to know where the funny is. Others will be fascinated by it and or know exactly what I am talking about. If you are one of them, pay attention to that. .
Here it is. .
Caterpillars are interesting. They eat literally 18,000 times their own weight. They are always just walking around leaves, consuming, eating everything they see.
If they had the CHOICE to become a butterfly and didn’t have real evidence that butterflies used to be caterpillars, they might be scared to become one. They would never want to give up all that food they are eating and living in that survival mind set. Especially if the other caterpillars around them constantly said stuff like “Live a little! You can eat whatever you want. It’s normal!” Every time a butterfly said to a caterpillar “You can do this, you can fly and be free like me.” 9000 other caterpillars would call the butterfly crazy, so they could justify themselves staying the same.
It would be scary to try to become a butterfly. You have to become a cocoon, you have to stop consuming, you have to let go, you have to leave your friends, you have to be alone, you have to stop your old habits, you have to trust that it will happen, you have to be patient.
Every once in a while, a caterpillar says, I wonder if the butterfly is right and the other caterpillars are wrong. (Continued in comments)
Repost image by @healingbyamiej
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