2018-10-18 11:13:24

2018-10-18 11:13:24

Caption: Danielle brings the fun! I tag the best #bff ever my life partner @bearfuht because I think being a DMF as part of his new speaker coaching gig would be amazing. (And we can’t wait to receive our planners already ordered, we are a total #DesireMap family).
Who will you tag when you enter???
#Repost @daniellelaporte

My very intentional, biggest giveaway EVER. For you cheerleaders of #CoreDesiredFeelings and deeper living.💛

We’re gifting about $6000 of presents to celebrate The 2019 #DesireMapPlanner Collection. Because generosity + joy… heals.✌🏻

Two beautiful people will win it all (You + a Friend of Your Choosing!):
🎁1 year access to The Desire Map Facilitator Program ($2500 value)
🎁A bundle of all 4 of my Meditation Kits ($120 value)
🎈The Creation Space Meditation
🎈The Love + Radiance Meditation
🎈The Embrace Meditation
🎈The Earth Adoration Meditation
🎁Love Rewards the Brave Necklace, a @dogearedjewelry collab ($68 value)
🎁#Truthbomb Deck Bundle, Volume 1 + Volume 2 ($63 value)
🎁Love So Deeply + Peace is Power 7oz Candle Set ($48 value)
🎁My complete book bundle ($65 value)
🎈The Desire Map
🎈The Fire Starter Sessions
🎈White Hot Truth (Digital + Hardcopy)
🎁Your Big Beautiful Book Plan Program ($150 value)
🎁PLUS: a 2019 Desire Map Planner of your choice ($50 Value)😍

1️⃣ORDER your #DesireMapPlanner before October 21, 2018. (If you’ve already pre-ordered a Planner—you’re in!)
2️⃣REGRAM this post (+ tag @daniellelaporte to make sure we see it) to increase your chance to win.
3️⃣TAG someone that inspires you—that you’d LOVE to gift this prize package to. IF YOU WIN, THEY WIN! #friendsareeverything 🎉

One winner + their BFF will be announced October 22, 2018. And it doesn’t matter where you live: US, Canada, Dubai, Sydney, Zurich… (cause International LOVE!)🌏

👉Haven’t got your Day Planner yet? Get yours before October 21 and these mind-body-soul gifts could be… yours. (And how stoked will your friend be to win with you? #überstoked)

To mindful moments, your everything-friends, + intentional living…

🌟Get your Planner + enter to win: DANIELLELAPORTE.COM/PLANNER
📸 @anastasia_whistler

Photo taken at: Nicaragua

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