2018-09-29 10:15:59

2018-09-29 10:15:59

Caption: Incredible LIDAR discovery of our ancestors land in northern Guatemala. In the late 90s I would argue with my Grad prof that the Maya were as good at astronomy as early western scientists that came to understand how the heavens worked.
I didn’t have a lot of proof. The discoveries back then were still thin. Feeling it in your bones isn’t objective (yet). But I did intuit that there was way more Mayan science that should be acknowledged than was being discussed in grad school (or any schools for that matter). So exciting to see new tech expose old tech in Snake Island (Central America). I wish my Grandma Bea had lived to get her DNA tested so she could finally learn where her indigenous roots were from.
She knew there was more to the story. She taught me from very young that I carried indigenous blood. But she didn’t know from where exactly. She wanted me to have that connection as the oldest girl. But she also felt shame in being “mixed.” It was something she struggled with that made me sad.
So many have proud heritages. They have special days to celebrate being them and honoring their ancestors. We need more of sharing traditions in meaningful ways, not for getting drunk. For seeing each other and what it took for us to exist, the stories of struggle and the times of joy and dancing.
I’m so grateful to have the internet and DNA to discover where all my family came from to come together in Northern California; Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Spain (Iberia), even Africa, French Alps, Guatemala and South America before that. So fascinating. It’s an amazing time to be alive. (Article Link in my Story)

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Photo taken at: Petén, Guatemala, Guatemala

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