2018-03-09 15:29:03

2018-03-09 15:29:03

Caption: The truth is, when it comes to flow in my life, it comes easily to me when I stop and appreciate life. *
This little writing retreat is decades in the making. I explored Antigua Guatemala for the fabrics and pillows. Can haz all the fabrics, pleez?
Our caretaker, Francisco, is so innovative and quick to create. He built this cool bench with a built-in table from a collection of inspiring photos on Pinterest (in 2 days!!!).
Today, we got the foam to size, plus they had pillow stuffing. And we got an empty cab to come back with it full of stuffing, on a Friday no less. I am truly blessed by angels. So grateful to be creating the life I want through daily vision and effort. *
They say your life is shaped by those you surround yourself with. I am grateful for my best friend, @bearfuht for sharing this adventure. I love how he says yes to all my boundless ideas. *
I continue to surround myself with thought leaders that carry a vision of a better future for the planet. People like @daniellelaporte @vishen @brenebrown @jamiewheal @steven.kotler @marieforleo @christiemariesheldon @ericedmeades and @markhymanmd Thank you for all you give to the world. 🔥🙌🏼💕
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Photo taken at: Zumbido Vida Endangered Bee Sanctuary

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