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Your feelings shape your perspective (what you think). Your thinking directs your behavior—how you show up for yourself and the world.

Choose a feeling, shift your thinking, heal your life, change the world.

The Desire Map Course. 10 days of video sessions + reflective worksheets, to help you bring your heart-centered intentions to life. It’s all free before May 29.

If you know my journey, you know my #coredesiredfeelings shaped my path to this destiny. I am living in my purpose. If you need certainty, get this course and #desiremap your future.

Lead with your heart:
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2018-02-20 13:52:15

Holy launch of launches! 🚀 B-School enrollment with @daniellelaporte is now open! Her B-School bonuses are the best! 💕
I’m a B-School 2015 Alum. I can’t say enough enough about this Tribe and #marieforleo — Amazing! Do it! Thank me later. AND get two coaching licenses with Danielle to boot! 👇🏼
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It’s happening. Registration for #BSchool aka, Marie Forleo’s Online Business School for Modern Entrepreneurs is open NOW.

If you’ve known me for a while, you know that my referrals are rare. I only talk about what I’ve experienced firsthand. B-School is 100% utility. It’s tried and tested content…and it looks sexy on a resumé.

Case(s) in point: My VP of Creative Direction and Marketing Strategy, Angie Wheeler, has been my co-pilot for 8 years. Angie came out of B-School. Our latest editorial recruit, Nikki Bonsol…B-School. We’ve also hired a content manager, a social media consultant, and a lawyer—all of whom…took #BSchool. We still draw on the B-School community and Marie’s curriculum.

B-School is current: Every year, Marie reviews and rebuilds the program (she tells me all about it.) It’s fresh.

If B-School is pulling at your heart and your smarts—make it happen. And, I offer one of the biggest B-School #Bonuses out there.🤗

You get B-School skills and essentially, two new business lines to work into your offerings. B-School + D LaPorte + You = BRIGHT LIGHT. Check out this years bonus bundle via the link in my profile.

Whether you sign up through me to get my bundle (which rocks), or someone else’s, just do B-School. That’s how much I stand by what Marie’s created, and in my own passion to see #entrepreneurs CREATE. Get into B-School however you want. Go make stuff—with smarts, heart, and connections that you’ll lean on for years to come.💕

Learn more: DanielleLaporte.com/Bschool

PS: Still not sure if B-School is right for you? Join Marie + me LIVE TODAY at 12PM PST on my #Facebook Fan Page. If you’ve been on one of our past calls you know we get real, and deliver big time on USEFUL. We love useful.
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