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Guiding Changemakers, Lightworkers, and World Leaders through Kundalini Yoga’s Daily Rituals for Thriving

Five Dimensions of Rhythm + Flow*

Woman is a Living Prayer

Do your morning Sadhana

The Neutral Mind

Body Movement

Eat in a Balanced Way

*as taught by Sukhdev Jackson and Yogi Bhajan

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About Ixchel Tiffany Renée, Intuitive Alchemist and Flow Coach

Ixchel (ee-shell), author of Buzzing Blooms for Bees, knows what it feels like to sail too close the sun without the right tools for the charge. Working with you before you burn out while reflecting back to you the earthbound supernova that you are, Ixchel will help you dust off your shine with self-care, spirit-care and a mid-flight refuel so you can be more effective, heart-centered and impactful as you make history, to show up brighter and more brilliant than ever.

Ixchel welcomes Changemakers, Visionaries and World Leaders.

Ixchel Tiffany Renée is an intuitive alchemist, Flow Coach, bee mystic and regenerative entrepreneur. While blazing her own trail as the first to go to college as a single mom, to becoming the first Latina to serve as Vice Mayor of Petaluma and beyond, Ixchel has mentored women to run for office, start their first business and learn strategies to champion their causes. She is an outspoken advocate of permaculture, carbon farming and pesticide-free public spaces.

Ixchel holds a Permaculture Design Certificate taught by the late author Toby Hemenway and Daily Acts, an MA from California Institute of Integral Studies with a focus in Integral Ecology, and a BA in Women’s Studies from Mills College. She is a 2007 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities.

She frequently speaks on Local Economy, Regenerative Businesses and Rainbow Living through Growing a Plant-based, Ancestral Diet. Thriving with celiac, she is gluten, dairy and sugar free. Ixchel has been on a writing sabbatical in Matagalpa Nicaragua since February 2017, exploring the intersections of sacred plant medicine, ancestral diets, Mayan cosmology and Kundalini Yoga.

You are the leader of your journey. Walk in beauty. It all begins with how you want to feel.

The Buzz About Ixchel’s Retreats and Masterminds

Merel Kriegsman - Business Mentor and Copy Expert
Merel Kriegsman - Business Mentor and Copy ExpertIxchel will offer you the sacred space, wisdom and tangible rituals to guide you to divine clarity.
“Ixchel is an intuitive alchemist who bridges the world of high level politics and business and the spirit realm: where we come from, and where we need to tap into in order to be the most POWERFUL LEADERS we can be.

If you’re ready to take a step back and look at what your DIVINE PURPOSE is (and what distracts you, and what you need to let go of, and what you need to claim)…

and leave behind unsustainable patterns, and other stuff you subconsciously do to sabotage yourself and lessen the impact you make….

as well as healing the trauma and fatigue that comes from being a leader and trailblazer in a world that moves slowly (too slowly some times)…

Ixchel will offer you the sacred space, wisdom and tangible rituals to guide you to divine clarity – so you can go out into the world, making your biggest impact no longer jaded and disappointed, but filled with renewed energy and JOY.

You owe it to yourself.”

Dr Johanna Mendez, Health and Happiness Coach, WildFit Certified
Dr Johanna Mendez, Health and Happiness Coach, WildFit CertifiedThere's no occasion for which she doesn't have a valuable tool or approach.
Ixchel is a very un-usual person. As a spiritual Flow coach, she’s extremely knowledgeable, while still relatable and real. She’s politically and socially aware, without overlooking each individual and what they most need and desire. She listens, cares and helps grow. As a collaborator, Ixchel is very technically proficient, yet profoundly human and warm. There’s no occasion for which she doesn’t have a valuable tool or approach. Her generosity is awe inspiring. She’s open about her personal journey and how she overcame specific challenges. She truly is a modern medicine woman and collaborating with her has been a wonderful experience.

Debbie, Community OrganizerBravo. I’ve learned so much!
“This Mastermind gave me focus on expanding my thoughts on how to follow a practice outside of my normal routine and habits. I’ve learned how to eat with more intention with knowledge of how certain foods affect metabolism of stored fat. In place is a daily practice of breathing exercises, my key to reduce stress, good, average and bad.”

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