sacred plant medicine integration

Guiding Changemakers, Lightworkers, and World Leaders through Kundalini Yoga’s Daily Rituals for Thriving

Five Dimensions of Rhythm + Flow*

Woman is a Living Prayer

Do your morning Sadhana

The Neutral Mind

Body Movement

Eat in a Balanced Way

*as taught by Sukhdev Jackson and Yogi Bhajan

The Sister Hive Retreat Only Happens Twice a Year. Reserve your spot for April 2020 today!

Due to the limited capacity, all interested Sisters are asked to fill out a short questionnaire. We’ll follow that up with a video chat to make sure the Hive is a good fit for you. 

Priority reservations go to previous attendees of Meditation and/or WildFit Challenges.

If you’ve been looking for a Hive of interesting, amazing and fierce leaders, this Sister Hive is for you! Click the button below to answer a few questions and set up a discovery cha