What an amazing Time to be alive...


we recognize we live on a planet in transition and collectively set to work to collaborate and cultivate the capacity for solving the enormous challenges of this time, deepening our response-ability in Interbeing with Earth.


Indigenous resilience practices (like Yoga and Mayan Time Keeping) are remembered along with our ancestors that kept the sacred practices alive despite their greatest struggles. 
creating from heart and hands is worthy of fair compensation.
and that our collective cultural art, foods and traditions are honored and respected.


people are generous, compassionate, empathic, and just.

curiosity, authenticity, honesty, play and lightness of being are valued as a path to dialogue and understanding.
JEDI Edgewalkers are doing the daily work to decolonize and reclaim Time so they can show up with integrity in their service to the world.

we can stitch a new garment by...

Dreaming our way out of systems of brutal productivity emblematic of late-stage capitalism, white supremacist colonialism, big pharma and big ag (that cuts us off from the medicine and food given to us by Earth), and the burnout, dis-ease, addiction, brain fog, autoimmune issues and unmitigated toxic stress that these uninitiated systems create.

What we're facing today...

If your health is overburdened by toxic stress. If your nervous system is on tilt. If you find yourself longing to create greater impact your soul incarnated to make but find yourself saying things like “If only I had more time. If only I had more resources. If only I felt more focused.” 

I want you to know one thing…


There are social systems and structures in place that are designed to keep you exactly where you are, precisely to prevent you from implementing the culture making you came to create.


We will learn how to work under, around and through these systems so that we can come out on the other side initiated, focused, resilient, and liberated to Dream in the Wild.

On the other side of rest is Flow. — Ixchel Lunar





Balanced Rock, Arches National Park in the quiet of a Milky Way Night.



Lineage is as much the relationship, insight and wisdom from place as people.

My ancestors:

I am the mother of Zara and Zoë, daughter of Lauri, granddaughter of Beatriz and Emma, great-granddaughter of Rose, Maria Dolores, Glacel Helen, Luta Maude, Rebecca, Victoria and Maria Rosario.


Land Lineage:

My ancestors are from France by way of Quebec (1600s) and Baja California (1800s) to Carmichael, CA; Scotland by way of the 13 colonies (including serving in the Revolutionary War, Wars against Indigenous, and the Confederate War -deserted), to Oklahoma and then Fresno, CA; and from the Andes (middle to late pre-classic BCE), by way of Central America to Perupecha settlements in Michoacán, Mexico (500-150 BCE) to Santa Barbara, CA (1910s).


I was raised and bore children on the the traditional, unceded and stolen lands of the Coast and Central Valley Miwok (colonized as Petaluma, CA) and Nisenan (colonized as Sacramento and Fair Oaks, CA), past, present and future.


I also write, work and live in the highland cloudforest of the traditional, unceded and stolen lands of the Matagalpa, past present and future, in what is known as Matagalpa, Nicaragua, with the two-fingered sloths, boas, and toucan tribe above me and a German Shepherd, salchicha dog and torty cat at my feet.


I do not own land.

Beatriz Withrow

Beatriz Withrow de Lunar 1921-2003

Withrow Balloon

My father — Bill Withrow’s hot air balloon along the American River that shaped me, (I’m on the bridge with my Grandpa Jack. My dad is in the Balloon. 1977.

Climate Lineage

“…so we can thrive with a planet in transition.”

My feelings are that I want to ground our lives in consideration of not just surviving but thriving. When Google invented gmail I made my email thrivalist because so many people I knew were survivalists, permies, etc. It came out of discussion with Elizabeth Sahtouris’s class back in the day at CIIS. Surviving isn’t the goal, thriving is the goal. Thriving requires relationship with Earth.


I come at climate chaos a bit different than many because of an innate trust that despite the human destruction, the planet, Gaia, Mama-pacha, Earth will prevail and adapt — even without us or this current iteration of “us” humans. I’ve resolved my fear of death, my lack of future blood lines after my children because I’m not alone in that. Earth will thrive and so many of us are the last of our future ancestors as the population will decrease from the chaos. 


And so I want to reflect that in relationship building with the planet in my work. And also I’m always seeking to de-center the human and re-center the basins of relation as Brock Dolman so eloquently describes the ecosystems contained by watersheds. Humans caused this, but the extinction of life right now is 6th greatest in Earth’s 4.5 Billion years.


It’s also why I call it a land lineage rather than an acknowledgement. The places I’ve lived are a part of me, they wired my neural networks. They literally made up my cells and ability to transfer (copy) my DNA into the future in the foods that were grown there, the air I breathed, the water I drank, and the energy that was consumed to keep me warm.


So my Land Lineage is a both/and reflection of the people that lived on the land for millennia before me, now and after me in the future and the lands. It’s an affirmation that both the land and the Indigenous will remain despite the colonization.


So my thoughts are that a climate statement must include the land where you are and vice versa. It’s intertwined.