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Small-Batch, Handmade

1 Pound Per Order

100% Cacao Paste,

(No Sugar)

(Naturally Has Cacao Butter)

16 1-Ounce Servings Per Pound

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The medicine of Cacao taken in a meditative personal or community journey will shift how you view the Mayan origin of chocolate and your relationship with chocolate.

Learn how to source, prepare, and work with the heart-opening and perspective-shifting medicinal quality of theobromine — the core medicine in 100% Cacao — while honoring the resilience of the indigenous Mayans that grow this medicine. 

Beautifully prepared guidance on how to hold a cacao ceremony and how to source ceremonial grade cacao. Your purchase includes access to a private Mighty Network the Mama Cacao Collective to share your experience and create a supportive container for working with cacao medicine.

*PDF and Collective — Cacao sold separately.


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