2019-09-01 09:46:10

2019-09-01 09:46:10

Photo Caption: If you’re like me, you’ve probably been horrified at the world news — if you don’t live under a rock. I know I’ve been leaning on my nervous system reset tools harder lately.
What I’ve seen with cycles like these is that we tend to desensitize and shut down when we don’t have good coping skills. This kind of coping generally leads to increased stress from: * either resistance to feelings
* not doing the things that help us stay healthy * or really veering off course into self destructive behaviors
But it doesn’t have to be like that.
There’s been a lot of talk about what we can do for the planet and her inhabitants including going vegan.
The fact is eating fake animal protein substitutes come with a lot of environmental problems of their own, including: * mono-cropping with GMOs, pesticides and herbicides that have detrimental impacts on bees and butterflies * tilling of vast amounts of healthy topsoil which kills countless microbes that sink carbon and reduce climate chaos * trucking, processing, packaging and cold storage of mono crops (which increases carbon emissions and favors big agriculture over small famers)
Don’t get me wrong. Eating a plant-based diet is what humans are meant to do. But buying packaged isn’t the solution.

Instead, I want to remind you about the WILDFIT® program and how you, too, can transition to a plant-based ancestral diet without all the confusion.
I’ve added an ebook, EAT LIKE YOU CARE: Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for my Rhythm + Flow Hive.

Are you ready to go plant-based?

I also want to find out what is your Deep Why for considering WILDFIT® and how I can help you transform your curiosity into action?

I’m so committed to helping my clients have transformation so they can move past the emotional and environmental triggers that keep them from doing their good work in the world. So, if you’re ready to take the leap and start on Monday, click the bio link. I’ve still got tons of amazing bonuses and support included.
And if you’re so close, but something is holding you back, message me and let’s start the conversation.
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Photo by @luminousfoods

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